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Terion 80 Salt Water Lure

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Terion 80 series, were developed to embody a realistic vibration and wavelength that a bait fish makes. Especially under water, VIB series includes glass rattle in order to convey the sound wave to the further distance

Product Description

If you are new to fishing you must be clear about the termination of your lures. Minnows are called hard lures, and your hands will have passed floating minnows (floating), suspending minnows (suspended) and in this case sinking minnows (sunk).
You must know what type of species you want to catch according to the fishing area and the water layer (surface – medium – bottom). Other criteria such as the color of the water, the temperature and the time, among others, are also brought together. There are a variety of criteria that define the probability of the species and the effectiveness.
Currently, Sinking Minnows are mostly slow sinking (slow).

Best in Class Quality
Hand Spray process with Durability
High Quality Paint with Visuality
Internal Holographic Foil
3D Holographic Eyes
High Strength Treble Hooks
Weight Balanced Mechanism
Glass Rattle Inside

Additional information




20g (3/4oz)

Body Length

80mm (3-1/8")

Action Type


Running Depth

Free Fall


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