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Most Popular Topwater Saltwater Fishing Lures

Check out 12 of the best topwater lures available today for saltwater fishing.

We spent daybreak live-­chumming scaled sardines along a mangrove shoreline tinseled with pelican poop. The baits, purposely squished and half-broken, circled on top trying to swim away from unseen danger. Drawn from their ­hideouts by the breakfast bell, snook and snapper arrived with a vengeance.

Our chum baits soon started to disappear behind the boat. One angler pierced a light-wire circle hook to a ­crippled whitebait and made a cast. I grabbed the rod with the topwater plug and chucked the lure toward the mangrove edge. We both hooked up straightaway, though I had expected the live bait to out-fish my surface swimmer.

Which morning of fishing is better: five blowups on topwater plugs or 10 bites on live baits? The answer to this question likely determines if you’re a topwater fishing addict or not, thus whether you would’ve grabbed the rod with the pilchard or the saltwater popper.

Neither technique is wrong, but one scenario gets your heart racing faster and blood pumping harder. Any fisherman who experiences success sight-fishing with topwater saltwater fishing lures will fall in love with surface plugging.

For all those topwater enthusiasts, we compiled a list of more than 10 of the best topwater lures for saltwater, organizing the baits in alphabetical order. Most of the saltwater fishing lures below can also be used in freshwater for species like bass and pike, exemplifying the versatility of topwater plugs.


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